There’s a splendor and magnificence to the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park that has taken the breath away from the millions who have journeyed to Antigua to experience paradise.

The scenery as seen from one of the gentle rolling peaks that hold the area in protective embrace is beauty to behold.

In the centre of the Dockyard, stands the Copper and Lumber Store Hotel and Restaurant. It is more than a modern day masterpiece of restoration.

Besides the 17 suites and studio rooms of the hotel, the Copper and Lumber is home to an excellent dining experience set against a country style ambience that makes you feel wonderfully at home.

The doors of the restaurant open onto the dockside of the Dockyard, where some of the most expensive yachts berth during the year.  The court yard blends Caribbean romance with a European feel for an astonishing setting of dinner intimacy.

The stony architecture, held together by huge wooden beams, keep the inside fresh, cozy and relaxing perfect for the choice delights from a menu that caters mainly to breakfast and lunch time dining.

Lunch time choices include Grilled Chicken, lightly glazed with Balsamic Honey, sitting against a julienee of vegetables. The grilled Mahi Mahi is a favourite. It is covered in a corn and tomato ragu, with basel oil to bring it to a distinguishing taste.

Our Fish and Chips is a delight and is served with fries and cole slaw.


The Copper and Lumber Seafood Friday

There is one event however that has made the Dockyard and indeed the Copper and Lumber literally world famous.

Every Friday,  scores of people from all walks of life pour unto the lawns of the Dockyard for a night of delicious seafood in an atmosphere that has proven unmatched and veritably impossible to replicate.

The food is right at your finger tips for your choosing and dinner is by candlelight under the stars dockside. The service is friendly and the bar tenders know your name. Reservations are welcome as a typical night can get crowded. It is that popular and a must if you are in Antigua on a Friday night.